UntitledHello and welcome to the ATMAG website.  This is the website for the British Association of Art Therapists‘ Museums And Galleries Specialist Interest Group.

We aim to be a positive and inclusive professional network for Art Therapists who are BAAT members and who are involved in, or interested in, developing work with museums and galleries.


Art Therapists have a deep relationship with the subject of art, art-making and visual culture.  Art galleries and Museums are dedicated places where objects and artefacts are displayed and conserved for the general public.  They are a rich resource of artistry, stories and creativity.  Museum and gallery collections offer inspiration and opportunities beyond art appreciation.  The act of looking and relating is a central theme of the work in art therapy as it is in museums and galleries.   Here at ATMAG, we hope to tap into the emotive potential of museum and gallery collections, to complement the role of art for therapeutic purposes to help affect change and growth.  We are keen to create collaborative projects with MAG on this basis in order to reach out to people who may  benefit from them.

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