Special Edition FPOP Bulletin: Creative ageing Call for expressions of interest

Have you been involved in creative practices or arts-based activities when working alongside older people?

This might be:

· Facilitating an arts-based group?

· Using creative approaches in clinical practice?

· Involving artists, musicians or actors in your service?

· Building links between your service with an arts group or organisation?

· Training artists to work with older people, including those with dementia?

· Working alongside artists to train health professionals in creative approaches?

· Projects or research looking at the benefits of arts-based approaches for older people?

· Experience of arts-health initiatives abroad that could work in NHS services?

· Developing policies or guidance about arts-based interventions for older people?

· Views about the role of clinical psychologists in delivering arts-based interventions?

· Ideas about what skills we might need to deliver our services using creative and arts-based approaches?

· Thoughts about the scope for integrating creative and arts-based approaches into our future practice?

An article could be:

– A short report of an activity or project

– A commentary

– A service evaluation

Articles can be up to a maximum of 3000 words including references.

Please send an expression of interest to submit an article by Friday 15th May To: Julia.Boot@merseycare.nhs.uk.

The deadline for submitting articles is Wednesday 1st July.

Publication will be in the October edition.