Below is a small and growing collection of articles about Art Therapy in museum and gallery settings and related topics.  Clicking on the titles below will bring you to the PDF in a new window.  This is not an exhaustive collection so please email us with other useful references we can add them to the site.  Thank you!


Bibliography – will open a PDF document with a list of books and journal articles we found helpful.

 MAGSIG feature in Newsbriefing December 2015*

*Quotes from articles should be referenced to BAAT, Newbriefing December 2015 and the individual authors.

Museum therapy article in Newsbriefing 

Art therapy-based organisational consultancy – a session at Tate Britain (Article in Inscape)

Role of art therapy in pilot for art-based information prescriptions at Tate Britain (Article in Inscape)

NWFED wellbeing research resources

UCL Tool Kit for evaluating museum wellbeing projects

Museums on Call – How Museums are Addressing Health Issues

New Forms of Interactions

Theorizing How Art Gallery Interventions Impact People With Dementia and Their Caregivers

Feedback from a conference about museums and technology for health and wellbeing

Weaving Potential Space and Acculturation : Art Therapy in the Museum– This unformatted version is kindly provided by the author.  The published article can be sought here.  Salom, A. (2015) ‘Weaving Potential Space and Acculturation: Art Therapy at the Museum’, Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 6: 1, pp. 47- 62.

Museums and art galleries as partners for public health interventions

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Eskenazi initiative provides art therapy for children